Reclaim and Maintain

Your Health







The purpose of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to treat the whole person and restore balance between the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual. Using a gentle and individualized approach for your care, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist Michele Fincher partners with you to restore your health through these ancient time-tested practices and techniques.


These time-honored therapies provide healing and wellness:


Acupuncture is a collection of procedures which involves the stimulation of points on the body using a variety of techniques.

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs from plant, mineral and animal substances are customized for each person’s individual treatment needs.

Pediatrics & Geriatrics

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can be especially helpful for children of all ages, as well as for our aging population.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Acupuncture is a safe and effective all natural way to reduce the signs of aging from within.

Lifestyle & Nutritional Support

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition and other lifestyle choices play a very important role in determining overall health.

Cupping & Moxibustion

Cupping and Moxibustion are both used to strengthen the blood, clear toxins, and maintain health and well-being.

Why Healing Points?

We care about you

At Healing Points Acupuncture clinic in North Little Rock, you will get the best service and treatment around. I have had the privilege of studying with and continue to learn from some of the finest Chinese Medicine experts in the US and China, so you can be sure you’ll get the best experience possible!

We can manage your conditions

I use a variety of treatments to help you get relief from a wide array of aches, pains, and other maladies.  From backaches, to headaches, to intestinal problems, to depression, and much more… I can provide you with relief.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the whole body

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used successfully for over 3,000 years to diagnose and treat illness, prevent disease, and improve health and well-being. What happens to one part of the body affects every other part of the body. This interconnected viewpoint, a hallmark of Chinese Medicine, opens the door for deep healing on many levels: mind, body and spirit.

Client Testimonials

“Michele’s treatments made a tremendous difference in my life, helping me to move beyond my health and live life again. I am forever indebted to her for sharing her gift with me. If you have any reservation about seeing an acupuncturist, Michele will put your mind at ease!”

– Christie D

“Michele Fincher was my acupuncturist  for several years when she had a practice in San Francisco. Michele treated me for pain in my back and shoulder due in part to neuropathic pain post mastectomy. She was caring and sensitive to my needs. I wish she lived closer and she could treat my current neck pain.”

Monica L.

“I highly recommend Michele Fincher. She is a very caring and professional practitioner. I have used her for treatments on several occasions and felt that I had positive results with each treatment. She even helped me with a natural labor induction which facilitated an easy birth.”


“Michele Fincher is not only a skilled and gifted acupuncturist but a nurturing healer who dedicates herself to her patients’ immediate concerns and long-term well-being.”

P. A.

“Michele treated my 85 year old mother-in-law for pain following her broken collar bone. My mother-in-law was frail and Michele made her feel very comfortable by listening to her worries and treating her for the pain. Michele even made a house calls when my mother-in-law was not feeling strong enough to go to her office.  I highly recommend Michele as a licensed acupuncturist.”

Monica L.

“My practice is strongly influenced by my background as a social worker, my love of helping people, and the Traditional Chinese Medicine view that the Universe is interconnected. Our body is our own universe. Our mind, body and spirit are not separate but are connected parts of our whole being that allow us to be the exceptionally distinctive people we are. It is my mission to empower patients in their self-care and partner with them in their unique journey toward a more balanced life and optimal health.”