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” Michele Fincher’s treatments made a tremendous difference in my life, helping me to move beyond my health and live life again. I am forever indebted to her for sharing her gift with me. If you have any reservation about seeing an acupuncturist, Michele will put your mind at ease! “

– Christie D.

” Michele Fincher was my acupuncturist  for several years when she had a practice in San Francisco. Michele treated me for pain in my back and shoulder due in part to neuropathic pain post mastectomy. She was caring and sensitive to my needs. I wish she lived closer and she could treat my current neck pain. “

– M. L.

” I highly recommend Michele Fincher. She is a very caring and professional practitioner. I have used her for treatments on several occasions and felt that I had positive results with each treatment. She even helped me with a natural labor induction which facilitated an easy birth. “


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” Michele Fincher is not only a skilled and gifted acupuncturist but a nurturing healer who dedicates herself to her patients’ immediate concerns and long-term well-being. “

– P.A.

” Michele treated my 85 year old mother-in-law for pain following her broken collar bone. My mother-in-law was frail and Michele made her feel very comfortable by listening to her worries and treating her for the pain. Michele even made a house calls when my mother-in-law was not feeling strong enough to go to her office.  I highly recommend Michele as a licensed acupuncturist. “

– Monica L.

” Working with Michele has been a life changer for me. I walk in stressed and in a knot. I walk out relaxed with a new lease on life. As a person who is fearful of needles I was really surprised at how gentle Michele makes the whole process. I feel better, AND I sleep better too. “

– M.D.

” I have worked with several acupuncturists in various cities. I am most at ease with Michele Fincher. She is calming, competent and clean. Important traits for a practitioner of acupuncture. Her knowledge and compassion in combination are quintessential. I give Michele Fincher a high recommendation. “

 – Joy Caffrey

” Michele is a wonderful doctor in my opinion. She spends a lot of time listening to me explain my issues before trying to diagnose my problem.  Then she treats me, not only with acupuncture, cups, and massage, but also with advice for future healing. I like her mannerism and professionalism. She will be my acupuncturist forever. “

– C.B.

” I had never had experience with acupuncture before it was suggested for my shoulder pain.  I went to Healing Points Acupuncture and I was stunned at how much relief I had after just a few treatments.  The needles were practically painless and it was a very relaxing experience.  After relief from my shoulder pain, I also received treatment and relief from an episode of plantar fasciitis.  I am very pleased with the treatment I have received from Healing Points Acupuncture! “

– A.P.

” Michele Fincher has been my acupuncturist for several years and I have been extremely happy with my treatment and results.  Over this time, she has treated me for sinus infections, knee, hip and back issues, anxiety and overall health.   She is very thorough and professional and explains why and what she is doing.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking alternative medicine that works. “

– E.B.

” I started seeing Michele for acupuncture during my time with breast cancer. With her knowledge and regular treatments, she kept my blood from becoming stagnated and helped my nausea through all of my chemo treatments. After I completed chemo- I received weekly treatments to build my immune system back up. I truly believe that without Michele and acupuncture- I would not be as healthy as I am today. “


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